A lot of you have been asking how I make rebar tongs, so here they are! A simple guide is to use a rivet at least as thick as the boss on the tong blank. Making your own tools Step-by-step instructions on how to make the following tools: o Round punch o Hot chisel 0 Cold chisel o Hot and cold sets c Tongs o Fullers o Hammers 5. Tongs are definitely one of the things I would highly recommend that you actually spend a bit of money on to buy a proper pair of blacksmithing tongs. C. At a forging heat, forge the bit width down to approx. It is handy to cut or file a V grove toward the end of the bit so the tongs can be used to hold bar stock across the tong as well as in line with the tong. Care must be taken in not making these notches too deep as they then become weak areas. Favorite Add to Railroad Spike V-Bit Blacksmith Tongs JemcoForge. Hey everyone! They will bring years of expertise into the creation of each tong. These tongs are made out of 3/8" mild steel, making the tongs great for a … Quench to cool the newly fitted bit leaving the shank, boss and upper reins hot. Notch no more than 1/3 of the bar width ( ¼”) at the juncture of the reins and the boss, 1/3 of bar’s width at the juncture of the boss and the shank, and 2/3 of the bar’s width (1/2”) at the juncture of the bit and the shank. Remember that the stronger the steel, the lighter can be the tongs and vice versa. Holding There are many variations of tools used to hold the metal in place while the blacksmith hits and manipulates the metal. 19 {continued). … See more ideas about Blacksmithing, Metal working, Blacksmith projects. Tongs are a great project but can be challenging when you start out. Aug 10, 2020 - Explore Robert Bray's board "Blacksmith plans" on Pinterest. While maintaining the original 1/4” thickness, maintain a width of 1/2” near the boss and taper the shank down to a 1/4” width right before the bit. Begin by setting the end on the near side of the anvil to just under half its original dimension. Split the length of the bit, at a forging heat, approx. in the boss/pivot area. Keeping the metal static during hammering is very important, and a pair of good tongs will help you with that. Big Heavy Blacksmith Tong For Forging Work Collectible Original Tools. Blacksmith tongs, small for one quarter inch to three eighths inch stock, starter tongs, hand made in USA, blacksmith forged FoxwoodForge. Be careful not to make the reins too thin or too narrow near the boss. The design was totally new to me, but looked really handy. Join the nearly THOUSANDS of beginner and veteran blacksmiths who have saved time and money by completing their own forging tongs! Adjust bit around the scrap piece by squeezing the bit in a vise and/or finessing with a hammer on the anvil. 19 are some of those that are used in the forging of metals. Blacksmith Tongs Style Metal Sheet Cutter QualityTools. or Best Offer. Mark the stock with soapstone, 1 1/4″ from the end to define the jaws and 1″ from that... Mark the Stock with a Center Punch. See chart mentioned below. 90 degree angle to the shank, and is supported by the crack in the jaw protectors. B. Use a cover on the vise jaw with an appropriate radius on the top edge to keep the jaw from dinging up the tong and preventing too sharp of a bend. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Remember part of the beauty with being a blacksmith is making your own tools. Beginner blacksmith tongs Blacksmith Forge Tong Tools Set Includes 1/4 Flat Jaw, Pick Up, Scroll, 3/8 1/2 5/8 V-Bit Tongs (6 Piece) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Finish the jaws to whatever shape you want. If only a punch is used and not a drift, the rivet joint is inferior due to the tapered hole made by the typical punch leaving only a small surface touching the rivet. I offer a variety of hand-forged blacksmith tongs, handled punches, hand-forged Japanese style hammers, versatile guillotine tool with dies and simple bending jig. They can also be made using a power hammer as did Toby Hickman. Making the split now while the shank is straight is much easier than after the shank is bent. Set the rivet either cold or hot. The key factor in determining the size of stock to use for a particular pair of tongs is to determine a suitable size for the boss. These tongs are similar to a pair of versatile tongs made by Toby Hickman as he was video taped when at Joe Pehoski’s Shop in 1991. $188.99 $ 188. Continue the alignment and adjustment process until satisfied with the results. A. 70 degrees (cool boss, if needed, to keep from damaging it). Our surface finishes for metal ensure long … This process is easier for some and since the bit is eventually bent anyway, this system works well. Punching and drifting will push metal and raise a ridge on the far side of the drifted area and around the hole. The same 1/4” by 3/4” bar can be used to make tongs that will hold from 1/4” up to 1/2” material, although these tongs are a little lightweight to be holding 1/2” iron. A good pair of wolf jaw tongs that are sized for the kinds of material you plan on handling will go a long way towards making your blacksmith projects more tolerable to pull off. Making this centered slit usually works best for me by standing in front of the bit so that I’m looking down the length of the tong. A power hammer is my method of choice when available. The longer the handle, the less force you need for gripping. 9/16” in preparation for splitting. A. Step 2: Forge the Rivet Boss Then indent the bar on those marks by driving the cold bar into the corner of the anvil to make a small indentation. Rivet size is not critical except that generally the bigger the tongs the bigger the rivet. For instance, a safe is kind of obvious, and thieves can remove it to where they can work on it at leisure -- plus, there's always the chance that you might forget ... 7209 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet. Using heavy hammer blows, and/or hot rivets, helps expand the rivet inside the tongs filling up any slop or space. A yard stick for this was to make a pair of tongs. Neither blacksmith does anything without tongs also without an anvil, a forge with a burner (all of them are in my profile on instructables) and other tools which made by blacksmith hands. 9, #3 under title of “Bow Tongs for Small Stock” and with line drawings by Editor Brian Gilbert instead of these photo’s. This size is suitable for tongs designed to hold 3/8” material. Any number of arguments can be made for storing valuables in secret compartments instead of a safe. The bit will lengthen to about 1” and become a little thicker. An approximation for determining how long a piece of bar stock is needed is to simply use 1/2 the length of the desired finished product. Tongs are one of the most fundamental tools in the blacksmith’s workshop. 1.5 - 2 diameters before pounding down. We've got several homemade blacksmith power hammer plan designs for sale plus plans for other type of blacksmithing tools. Then, while holding the scrap of bar the tongs are intended to hold, place the reins in a post vise with tongs vertical and bit end up. It was invented by William M. Haworth and it was issued on July 12, 1892 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. To make these tongs several blacksmith processes are used: i.e. Note that when punching, punch and drift from the inside of the tongs to the outside of the tongs. or Best Offer. Always up to date with the latest patch (1.13.6). 1/2 the width. AU $121.00. Step 2: Flattening the Rebar. To make these tongs several blacksmith processes are used: i.e. Recommended Shop Tools. A hold down device is necessary when working alone. While in the vise, adjust or bend the reins so they are open to the distance that will, when in use, fit comfortably in your hand. This concept is optional and is not represented in the tongs in this original article. Open the split, at a forging heat, to the proper 90-degree angle by carefully hammering onto a sharp corner or edge of the anvil. Tongs are, after all, a first class lever. Then hammer the bar over the anvil edge to the proper depth. Figure out how the tongs will go together ahead of time and keep the abutting sides of the pivot joint flat and smooth. The step by step sketch for how I forge the the clover. Hammer on the back of the bar over a narrow corner or spot on the anvil to keep the previously forged boss and bit out of the way, avoiding damage to them by an errant blow. Without the indented marks, and with the iron hot, it is difficult to find and forge the right spot. 4. This is also why the fulcrum is up by the jaws. Adjust handle and jaw alignment. James. Note that the tongs style in my article above are referred to as “Goose Jaw” Tongs in the chart. 1” in length (marked at 3/4” on blank bar before forging) and a boss length of 7/8” to 1” is typical Since the reins and the shank (space between the boss and bit) will be drawn out, their final length will be approximately 2 times as long as the original marked distance. Making Tongs for Blacksmithing Mark the Stock with Soapstone. Another consideration sometimes discussed is whether, when in use, torque is applied counter clockwise or clockwise. Finish with your favorite finish (wax, oil, etc.). My tools are crafted from years of experience. An advantage of mild steel is that if at a red heat and then cooled in the quench tank, they are not as susceptible to cracking as they might if made of a higher carbon steel. Welcome! It allows you to hold and grip the metal stock and place it deep into the burning coal. by blacksmiths in rural areas 3. To accomplish that effect, during the process of making the tong, bend the reins next to the boss so that when assembled there is a space exceeding the width of the rod upon which the tongs are to hang. Make the bend so that one rein is directly on top of the other allowing equal fit for either right or left hand. Only 1 left! More experienced tong makers sometimes like to use a medium carbon steel such as 1045, 4140, 8640 for a stronger tong. The boss does not change in thickness or width during the process of making the tong. Draw out reins at a forging heat. Drift over a 5/16” bolster (hole in a piece of iron). Using the same heat or, if necessary, again heat from boss to bit. Avoid thinning the the neck. A good tong steel, particularly for beginning tong makers, is the common mild steel called A36 that typically has a maximum of .29% carbon. In times gone past a Journeyman Smith meant just that, a smith that went upon a journey to learn more skills before taking a masters test. This is the simplest method of tong-making. AU $90.20 postage. Then we have a bit that is at an approx. AU $44.00 postage. Picard 0004930-300 1.102 lb Blacksmiths’ pin-tong. A36 is slightly stronger than 1018/1020 (the typical cold rolled) which will also work for tongs. In signing up, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older, physically capable of standing for 4 hours, swinging a 3-4lb hammer repeatedly, utilize your non-dominant hand for control of the tongs, and will adhere to all policies and rules enforced by the barefoot forge- which will be emailed to you. There should be enough detail in the drawing that you can follow. This is my style of guillotine tool for use with an anvil hardy hole.Included are three die sets - fuller, flat & butcher.The guides are precision machined from solid stock. Maintain the original bar’s 1/4” thickness at least near the boss. eBooks. Tongs Blacksmith’s tongs are are hand-tools used to pick up and hold hot pieces of metal. A. Then bend shank, etc. A36 is also inexpensive and easy to work. Heat the tongs from boss to bit to a orange heat, then roughly adjust shank and bit as necessary so that the tongs hold a scrap piece of 3/8” square bar in the bit. Experienced smiths will often hand craft tongs that are perfectly fitted for each project. A variety of eBooks that you can download on a variety of subjects including business and blacksmithing. (Except Rail Road spike tongs they go opposite twists) 3. This indentation, if adequate in size, will make it easy, when the bar is hot, to feel those marks on the edge of the anvil in preparation for the next process. You DO need to isolate the heat for eac... Hi, Sam Salvatis tongs really caught my eye the other day, especially the flat bar tongs. Big Blacksmith Tongs Set Of 2 Forge Hammer Anvil And Vise Tools Knifemaking. The bend is easily made if the heated shank is placed in a post vise with the bit sticking up and out and then hammering the cold bit over. Rivet should stick out approx. Both tong halves are made exactly the same. where appropriate to align everything so the scrap bar stock remains tightly held and also lines up along the tong’s length with an imaginary line running through the center of the rivet and the bit. Most tongs vary by handle length, handle grip, and the shape of the jaws. The tool made to fit in an anvil hardy hole - hardy shank sizes from 3/4" to 1&1/4" (~19mm to 32mm).Please specify hardy shank size, in either fractional inches or millimeters, when ordering. Understanding the needs of every blacksmith from the fire to the store helps us supply blacksmith metal finishes and coatings that stand up to the harsh daily use of the strongest metal tools. This DIY Quick Tongs bundle contains four types of tongs that are essential in almost every shop. Hold the hot iron above the face of the anvil at an appropriate angle. Published in ABANA’S “Hammer’s Blow” magazine Summer 2001 Vol. Keep the reins rectangular with the width wider than the thickness providing extra strength in the direction needed. November 9, 2020. This may take some practice on scrap pieces. Make a nice domed rivet head with a small hammer. Drill or punch a 5/16" hole and set the rivet that is provided. B. Forging Tongs Step 1: Preparing the Rebar. If, by chance, a cold shut develops anywhere, grind or file it out, as cold shuts are the beginning of a future crack! Picard Wolf's Jaw Blacksmith Tongs, 16" L, Model:04900-400. Then take the chisel and make the split. A complete searchable and filterable list of all Blacksmithing Plans in World of Warcraft: Classic. GS Blacksmith Tongs. conceptualizing the final product, marking the stock, isolating the different parts, drawing out the shank and reins, upsetting the bit, slitting the bit, bending the shank, punching the rivet hole, riveting, and putting on a finish, if desired. Blacksmith Tongs Beginner Blacksmith Forge Tong Tools Set for Anvil Includes 1/4 Flat Jaws, Pick Up, Scrolling, 3/8 1/2 and 5/8 V-Bolt Tongs (6 Piece) $194.99 $ 194 . Whitlox Homestead LLC 49547 SE MARMOT ROAD Sandy, Oregon 97055 503-952-6540 Remember not to split the jaws until after doing all the bending. Find quality blacksmithing, Farrier and knife-making tools and supplies and forging equipment at Blacksmiths Depot! Information. From shop FoxwoodForge. Care must be taken in not making these … Making a pair of tongs was a milestone for a lot of blacksmiths. There is a good chart on tongs showing dimensions and boss design at: http://www.anvilfire.com/bookrev/indpres/tongschart.htm. Fig. This 1/4” by 3/4” bar stock tong is easy to draw out by hand although a “welded on handle” is another suitable option. Knock off or round up the edges so the reins will feel comfortable in the hand. Step 3: Twisting for the Bit. Description of Fig. I decided to try and forge a pair. 19.-Smith's tools. An easy solution if right or left handed is of concern, and the tongs seem to be for the wrong hand, is to bend a jog in each rein near the boss. Blacksmithing techniques The basic techniques used by the blacksmith and information about forging temperatures and heat treatment 4. It is better if it turns out a little wider than the thickness of the bar. Tongs are now cooled completely and the reins smoothed with a file. This is a Patent Print for a Blacksmith's Tongs. Bending forks, pliers, or another pair of tongs and a light hammer could be useful in this adjustment process. 5 out of 5 stars (304) 304 reviews $ 28.00. Bend the shank at a forging heat between bit and boss into a half circle curve using a hammer and the horn of the anvil, bending forks, and/or another pair of tongs as needed. If the reins are hard to move due to a tight rivet joint, heat the joint and open and close the reins several times until they loosen up. The dimensions given in this article are for tongs made from bar stock 1/4” by 3/4” by 11”. A good set of tongs will effortlessly grip your stock and thus become an extension of your will. Keep in mind that the shorter the shank the greater the holding power, but at the expense of versatility. The forging starts with fullering the jaws, forming the joint to one side, then starting the back of the joint. The tools illustrated in Fig. They start with 3/8" x 1" stock for medium tongs and 3/8" (or 7/16") x 1-1/4" for heavy tongs. Tongs are essential for you to get started with blacksmithing. Once familiar with the steps in this process, the size of the tongs can be altered depending on the dimensional characteristics you desire in the tong. When the smith appeared at the door of a prospective employer, he/she would be required to demonstrate their skills. The finished pair grabs 3/16 thick bar with a width from 1 3/16 to a... An article on making your own Blacksmithing tools. AU $253.00. To isolate the different parts of the tong, first mark with a silver or other marking pencil the junctures of the bit, boss, and rein as shown. Also, the tong is stronger if those notches have a rounded inside corner rather than a sharp square corner. FREE Shipping. See the tools I use in my shop and other recommended blacksmith gear on … These instructions differ from that video primarily in that these are designed to be made using a hand hammer. Stick with the chisel on the ¼” bar stock to preserve the thin bit, but on thicker stock it is also possible to make the slit with a hacksaw. Tongs are again reheated to a bright red and set to the metal size . This is Picard’s take on a pin tong (affiliate link). 5. B. Then put the shank in a vise (with a vise jaw protector which puts a rounded edge on the sharp vise jaw), place the tong 1/2 with the bit up and sticking above the vise, and bend the bit down so the bit lays horizontally in the crack on the vise top - with the side to be split up. It really helps to see it done once. Therefore, punch a small hole, at a forging heat, and carefully drift to size (1/4” for these tongs). We plan to expand our line as we go but for now we will be starting out with 15 pairs. See more ideas about blacksmithing, blacksmith tongs, blacksmith tools. We stock a variety of tools, from anvils to tongs and vises There is not a left and right half except if and when punching the hole, as later explained. Mark and indent both pieces, side by side at the same time, which helps in making both tong halves the same. Punch or drill and assemble. Drawing out this small stock with a hand hammer is good practice for blacksmiths looking to increase their hammer control and, with practice, should be relatively easy and quick. The shank on these tongs is marked at 1 1/2” and will stretch with drawing out to approximately 3”. For this size tong a bit of approx. This is the tong method shown to us by Richard Poz Pozniak. This bending is easy to do if the rein is put in a vise, with the boss next to the vise, and then with the hammer bend over the boss at a bending heat. A drill leaves a nice uniform hole, but a punch leaves more material in the boss. Try for a nice even taper, wide at the boss and narrow at the end. Browse all of our blacksmith tongs for sale, from square bar, flat bar, angle, to tubing. B. Punch and drift hole (or drill) in the center of the boss for the rivet. Begin at the shank end of the bit and chisel toward you. A. Written & photographed by: Dick Nietfeld, Shady Grove Blacksmith Shop, www.blksmth.com, Grand Island, Nebraska USA - 6/5/2001, "How To", Shop Tips, Coal Forges, and Misc. Tongs are different and I’m going to tell you about the most convenient one. Step 1: Forge the Jaw The PDF plans we have here are available for purchase starting at $8. When buying your first pair, you should pick a handle length that will allow you to easily grip the stock you plan on using. Every new blacksmith needs a set of tongs, and making them yourself is the perfect introduction to the craft. How to Build a Secret Compartment Into a Drawer. Heat the boss and shank area and bend the boss end of the shank approx. There is always a joy when I can make an useful tool for very little money and have it in really just a few minutes instead of waiting for shipping, or paying duty or taxes on purchased items.
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